How to fix Microsoft Teams status issue

Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of the most popular programs for business collaboration. This demonstrates how popular video conferencing and collaboration tools are now. Many schools, workplaces, and organizations use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with classmates or co-workers online. You can discover who is available for employment and who is temporarily unavailable. And every feature contributes to it becoming the industry’s most powerful communication tool.

Unfortunately, some customers have reported that while attempting to log in to Microsoft Teams, they receive an error. They received an error notice stating that their status was invalid and could not be altered. Even when online, it displays Out of Office or is stuck on Offline. Even when they are accessible, their status indicates otherwise, which causes confusion among Team members. Because something as minor as your status can have a significant impact on your workflow and overall effectiveness, this article will analyze and propose solutions to this problem.

HOW TO FIX MICROSOFT TEAMS STATUS ISSUE– If you are currently experiencing the Microsoft Teams status glitch, there are numerous solutions available to you. To turn off the “Out Of Office” or “Offline” status, try each technique below one at a time. Check whether you can alter your Microsoft Teams status after each option.

Solution #1: Inspect the Calendar Events in Outlook.– You may have calendar entries in Outlook that show that you are offline or out of the office. If you have an out-of-office meeting, Teams may use it as your app status. • You should check your Outlook invites to see whether there are any Out Of Office entries. • Try eliminating these invitations and entries to determine if your current status can be changed to Available.

Solution #2: Use the Microsoft Teams Web Version to update your status.– If you’re using the Microsoft Teams app (download here), try changing your status via the web version.• Launch any browser and navigate to• Please sign in to your account.• Navigate to your Profile.• As your status, choose Available.

Solution #3: Restart Microsoft Teams.• Try restarting the Microsoft Teams app or your Windows 10 PC or Mac computer to see if you can successfully alter your status. Some customers claim that after restarting the program three times or more, they can return to being Available.

Solution#4: Log Out of Your Account• You should sign out of your Microsoft Teams account. • Wait a few seconds before attempting to sign in again. This has also worked great for some users.

Solution #5: Uninstall Microsoft Teams from all devices.• If you have many devices logged into Microsoft Teams, consider logging out on all of them first. Log in again using the web version alone. • Check to see whether your status can be changed.

Solution #6: Uncheck Save teams as an Office chat app.– Another source of contention could be that the Teams app is designated as the default chat app for Office users. This suggests that Teams is integrating the Office package’s state, which causes the unidentified or lost state issue. Here’s how to repair it.• Select Settings by clicking on your profile avatar.• Uncheck “Register computers as a chat app for Office” under the General tab on the left sidebar. • If the option is already turned off, try activating it to properly sync status.

Solution #7: Update the Application– Keeping the program updated resolves any known bugs that have been addressed in the most recent versions. As a result, ensure that your Teams app is up to date.• On the Title Bar, click the ‘More choices’ button and select ‘Check for Updates’ from the menu.• If a new update is available, it will download and install it. When the update is finished, your app will restart. Check to see whether that fixed the problem.

Conclusion: A unauthorized status can cause a slew of issues in organizations, and it’s an annoyance on Microsoft Teams. As a result, it must be repaired. So all of the possible solutions have already been presented and made available to you with the assistance of this article. Simply follow the instructions to resolve the issue and get everything back to normal.

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